RPG Summit

Date and time : Aug. 7, 15:00-19:20
Place: Zonshin 207


The Analog Game Studies Editorial Board
Aaron Trammell, Evan Torner, and Shelly Jones


RPG Summit 1: Definitions and Effects (15:00-16:20)

• “An Analysis of 1980s Commercial TRPG Definitions”:  José Zagal (University of Utah)

• “Encouraging Perception through Playfulness and “World”-Travelling: Feminism, Larp, and Marginalization”: Katherine Castiello Jones (University of Cincinnati)

• “Actual Play and the Laws of Media”: William J. White (Pennsylvania State Altoona)

• “The Subversive Fantasy of Kingdom Hearts: Square as both the Subaltern and the Colonizer”: KT Wong (University of California Irvine)

RPG Summit 2: (Trans)national Play Cultures (16:30-17:50)

• “Archives of Role-Playing’s Personal Pasts”: Nick Webber (Birmingham City University)

• “Chinese Style Role-Playing Games and National Fantasy”: Maggie Li (University of Southampton)

• “Queer while Larping: Community, Identity, and Affective Labour in Nordic Live Action Role-Playing”: Jaakko Stenros (Tampere University) and Tanja Sihvonen (University of Vaasa)

RPG Summit: Short Game Demos (18:00-19:20)

Attendance policy:

Everyone at the RPG Summit and at DiGRA is invited to come try out some short-form RPGs.No prior experience or sign-ups necessary. Show up and we’ll run a demo for you!
Example games include For The Queen, Companion’s Tale, Murderous Ghosts, and more.