DiGRA 2019 Official Hotel Information

Dedicated Plan

DiGRA 2019 is excited to announce that Mitsui Garden Hotels(Kyoto Sanjo and Kyoto Shijo) are available for the limited time. Here is a step by step process to reserve the rooms. Both hotels are considerably close to the Ritsumeikan Kyoto Kinugasa campus where DiGRA 2019 will be held. So please take advantage of this special offer while they last!

  1. Please select the dedicated plan and click either hotel(Step1)
  2. Select English under language section (special plan available only in English) (Step2)
  3. Click on BOOK NOW button (Step3)
  4. Select the dates using the calendar (cannot reach dedicated plan until correct dates are selected ) (Step4)
  5. Click on View By Rate (De Facto is View by Room so please ensure to switch the rate) (Step5)
  6. Finally, you can find the DiGRA Room rate! (Step6)
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto-shijo Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto-sanjo


Normal/Standard Plan

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei The Celestine Kyoto gion Kyoto Traditional Hotel Watazen Ryokan
※Please read below for Ryokan style Inns

About Ryokans

The Ryokan is a traditional Japanese-style Inn.  As such, the price system is a bit different from the western counterpart.  You need to reserve a room with three to six people as a group and are charged per guests and not per room. But the Ryokan provides you with great cultural experience only found in Japan.