Please register by July 20th / 7月20日以降の参加登録について

Please register by July 20th

Since we need to print name cards and prepare for registration, for those who are making a decision, we urge you to register before July 20th. After July 20th, you can still register, however, you need to fill your name on the blank name card. The receipt will also be prepared but the name needs to be filled on the spot. You can register online until Aug 2nd (Caution This is 17:00 Japan time) that mean for some of you, it needs to be registered on August 1st. In order to avoid confusion, we would like to ask you to register online rather than pay them onsite. Even if you are paying on-site, please ensure to send such request to the address below

DiGRA 2019への参加登録は7月20日までに済ませてください
既に世界中から多くの参加者が登録されているDiGRA 2019ですが登録は7月20日までにお済ませください。それ以降も登録は出来ますが、名札の事前印刷が不可能となり、当日、ご自分で名前を記入しなければならなくなります。また例年と違い、世界大会ですので、オンラインでの事前登録及びお支払いをお願いします(オンライン登録の締め切りは8月2日).万が一、当日のお支払いをご希望の方も事前に以下にご連絡ください。