Notices to the attendants

You can find the final program , brochure, and the printed name tags and others are waiting for you in Kyoto! So, why don’t you read this Dietary Restriction Guide ? This guide is written by Joleen Blom who is a student at IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark). We believe it will help you much to survive at local restaurants in Kyoto!

By the way, there are some important notices to the attendants. It will be presented by the local organizers on Aug. 7 at conference rooms, but it would be good for you to know before that.

  • Please do not loose your name card (name tag). It also works as a ticket for lunch, coffee break, and dinner. For those who have booked banquet and/or excursion, it works as tickets for those.
  • Regular/Pescatarian/Vegan/Special sign will be shown at the entrance of the restaurant for lunch. Please follow the sign.
  • Gender neutral restrooms are called Multi-Purpose rooms in Japan. You can find it at the center of each floor.
  • WiFi is available. Please read and follow the instruction document included in the attendants kit. You also need to follow the document downloadable from here. You can also use Eduroam.
  • Staff room is Zonshin “408”. If you need any help, please visit us.

Within several days, we will get together in Kyoto!