Registration issues (4)

In the page of registration fees, is is written as follows.

Using PayPal transaction service adds a 5% fee to the total payment. The euro amount can be rounded up or down to the nearest euro.

参加登録をする前に,必ずこちらのページをお読みください.特に,発表者は4月30日までに登録しなければならない点と(さもないと発表が取り消しとなります),ユーロ建てで支払わねばならない点等にご注意願います.For those who lives in Japan, please notice that you have to pay in Euro (not in Japanese Yen). Moreover, your paper will be cancelled if you do not register by Apr. 30th, 2019.

If you are the author of an accepted paper, your paper will not be published for the conference. If you are registering as an audience, no problem, you just have to pay regular price.

First, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site. Exemption of Visa site might be helpful. If you need to apply for the visa, we can issue an invitation letter only after we have confirmed you have registered to the conference.

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