Tips for session chairs and presenters (3)

Based on experiences at prior DiGRA events, DiGRA 2019 has instituted a Twitter policy to give speakers more control over how their talk, slides and photographs are shared on social media. It is very important that session chair speak to each speaker in your session beforehand to confirm their preferences over how the audience should tweet about their talk, if at all. There will be forms that speakers should get them to sign.

  1. The speaker does not wish this talk to be tweeted about at all.
  2. The speaker is fine with you tweeting about the talk, but no photographs and not tag the speaker in tweets
  3. The speaker is fine with this talk being tweeted about, and being tagged in tweets, but no photographs.
  4. The speaker is fine with being photographed, tagged in tweets, and being tweeted about.

Please bring your own PC for the presentation. Please also bring your AC charger with an appropriate plug adapter. In the session rooms, both of HDMI and VGA are equipped with cables. Please do not forget to bring USBC-HDMI/VGA adapter, DisplayPort-HDMI/VGA adapter, USB Type C-HDMI/VGA adapter or others. Audio equipment is also available at all session rooms, and HDMI will be useful for those who need sound for presentation. You can also use 3.5mm Mini Plug (headphone plug) for audio, but, it would be better to bring your own cable.

Presenters are allocated a maximum of 15 minutes for their talk, with 5 minutes between talks for questions, to allow time for the next speaker to set up. If there are three presenters, they can choose to use 20 minutes each, with 5 minutes for questions. There should be five minutes for conversation at the end.

Each session is 80 minutes long.  Depending on number of presenters in a session,  you may or may not have some time to spare at the end of session.  We encourage you to chair a panel Q&A between the speakers as most sessions are sensibly put together and a conversation between speakers will be interesting.


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