Regular registration started on May 1st

Early Bird registration ended on Apr. 30 (UTC-1200), and the Regular registration is started. For those accepted paper authors, presenters or panelists, thank you very much for registering to the conference by Early Bird. We are now starting to make a conference programs based on the registrants list. For those who are missing in this list, we are trying sending e-mails to ask for registratioin, and we will wait for their registration (with regular fee) until the program will be fixed.

Ccountdown timer above shows the days and hours until the 9:00AM of Aug. 6th. We are looking forward to gathering together in Kyoto!

Workshop Program is announced

We are happy to announce that 15 proposals were accepted, and we have set up a part of Workshop Program. Some of those have Call for Papers or Attendants, please check the program and follow their instruction. The link to the program is here, and more will come as soon as we will receive information from the organizers. Direct link to the call for papers or attendants are as follows.

日本国内の銀行から銀行振り込みにより参加費をお支払いされる皆さまへ For those who pay by bank transfer in Japan

銀行振り込みをする際には,必ず併せてこちらのリンクから参加登録をしていただけますよう,お願いいたします.バンケット等日本円表示となるようリンク先を変更(2019/5/13)しました. For those who pay registration fee through bank transfer from the bank in Japan, please also register to the conference from this link.

Regarding the confirmation letter upon registration

Usually, when you register and make a payment using a credit card, the confirmation letter from paypal and the Secretariat of the DiGRA 2019 conference -CS CENTER will be sent almost simultaneously.

However, for the applicants who have own Paypal account and used email address differently from paypal account for this registration, the secretariat of the DiGRA 2019 conference (CS CENTER) needs to send the confirmation letter manually. Because of this, those applicants who reside in non-working hours in Japan will have a delay in response after receiving an automatic confirmation email from paypal.

Please accept our apologies in advance for these specific circumstances.

Summer in Kyoto, it’s hard to book hotels, please do it early

For those who have ever visited Kyoto, you might have experienced booking your hotels with reasonable price in Kyoto was very difficult. Especially in Summer, situation would be much harder. Therefore, we recommend you to book very early, as well as to register to the conference by Apr. 8th. For the attendants of DiGRA 2019, we have dedicated plan for you at Mitsui Garden Hotels(Kyoto Sanjo and Kyoto Shijo). Both hotels are considerably close to the Ritsumeikan Kyoto Kinugasa campus where DiGRA 2019 will be held. So please take advantage of this special offer while they last! Please refer to our “DiGRA 2019 Official Hotel Information” page. Why don’t you book NOW?