Please register by July 20th / 参加登録は7月20日までにお済ませ下さい

Please register by July 20th
Since we need to print name cards and prepare for registration, for those who are making a decision, we urge you to register before July 20th.
After July 20th, you can still register, however, you need to fill your name on the blank name card. The receipt will also be prepared but the name needs to be filled on the spot.
You can register online until Aug 2nd (Caution This is 17:00 Japan time) that mean for some of you, it needs to be registered on August 1st.
In order to avoid confusion, we would like to ask you to register online rather than pay them onsite. Even if you are paying on-site, please ensure to send such request to the address below
DiGRA 2019への参加登録は7月20日までに済ませてください
既に世界中から多くの参加者が登録されているDiGRA 2019ですが登録は7月20日までにお済ませください。それ以降も登録は出来ますが、名刺の事前印刷が不可能となり、当日、ご自分で名前を記入しなければならなくなります。また例年と違い、世界大会ですので、オンラインでの事前登録及びお支払いをお願いします(オンライン登録の締め切りは8月2日)

Announcement for DiGRA Japan members (DiGRA Japan 2019 夏季大会発表者ならびに参加者の事前登録のお願い)

DiGRA 2019への参加登録者は5月末現在で約350名となり,大変な盛り上がりに組織委員会としては大変感謝しております.引き続き事前登録を受付中ですので,8月6日に行われるDiGRA Japan 2019夏季大会の発表者ならびに参加者の皆様におきましても,事前のご登録とお支払いをしていただけますよう,お願い申しあげます.参加登録(registratin)はこちらから行えます.夏季大会だけご参加される場合はOne Dayをお選びください.日本に居住されている皆様はHigh-income country料金が適用されます.

例年の夏季大会では事前登録無しに当日の支払いをした場合でも特に混乱はありませんが,今会期中は400名を超える参加者が見込まれ,会場の立命館大学が夏休み期間となるために,事前申し込みせずに当日参加された場合,食事やパンフレット等を人数分用意できない場合が生じる可能性があります.事前にクレジットカードによる払込みができない皆様のためには,銀行振り込みの方法も用意してあります.また,当日払いしかできない場合におきましては,準備の都合上事前にご連絡をいただけますようお願い申しあげます. (宛先,日本語可),

Regular registration started on May 1st

Early Bird registration ended on Apr. 30 (UTC-1200), and the Regular registration is started. For those accepted paper authors, presenters or panelists, thank you very much for registering to the conference by Early Bird. We are now starting to make a conference programs based on the registrants list. For those who are missing in this list, we are trying sending e-mails to ask for registratioin, and we will wait for their registration (with regular fee) until the program will be fixed.

Workshop Program is announced

We are happy to announce that 15 proposals were accepted, and we have set up a part of Workshop Program. Some of those have Call for Papers or Attendants, please check the program and follow their instruction. The link to the program is here, and more will come as soon as we will receive information from the organizers. Direct link to the call for papers or attendants are as follows.